The ideal Island to Purchase a Holiday Home.

24th October 2022
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Mediterranean climate

The lovely climate of the Mediterranean is one of its key draws. Expect moderate springtime weather with lots of sunlight and sporadic showers. Summertime provides long days and highs of 29°C.

Mallorca is a terrific place to buy a vacation home because of its wonderful weather. With highs of 15°C, the island is stunning even in the winter. Almond trees bloom in February, making for a magnificent spectacle as you stroll through the countryside or along the east coast in the afternoon.

More than 200 beaches

Over 200 beaches are said to exist on Mallorca. Others, like Caló d'es Moro, are nestled away in little bays, while some, like Es Trenc in the south, stretch over several kilometres. Even national parks have beaches, like the stunningly beautiful natural surroundings and infinite turquoise water at the Parc natural de Mondragó.

Between the beaches, scenic coastal paths offer opportunities for travellers to admire breathtaking views from sheer cliffs, such as the drive to Cap de Formentor in the north. No matter where you go, there are endless options!

Winner of the “Best Place to Live” award

The capital of Mallorca, Palma, was named the best city in the world to live in a few years ago by the Sunday Times. The judges were drawn to Mallorca  because of its beautiful beaches, charming ancient towns, and ideal climate, to name a few things.

Expats coming to Palma have a variety of property options to select from. Beautiful frontline apartments, penthouses, and rooftop terraces can be found in the central city, along with the rare historic townhouse.

Once you leave the city limits, you will find yourself surrounded by peaceful suburbs and rural areas, such as Son Vida, which is home to opulent homes.

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