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16th December 2022
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At the southernmost point of the island is Puerto Andratx. This charming and opulent town, which is situated in a bay with a horseshoe-shaped shape, is regarded as having one of the most picturesque harbours in the Mediterranean and is well-known outside the island's borders for its rich-chic style. Formerly a thriving fishing port, Puerto Andratx now draws extremely wealthy individuals and extremely wealthy home buyers from a variety of nations, with the German presence being the strongest at the present. This charming region is renowned for its first-rate venues and huge luxury houses for sale in Puerto Andratx. It is situated directly on the coastline with the mountains serving as a protecting backdrop.

The international marina, which is situated on one side of the bay, gives Puerto Andratx even more glitz. The facilities are top-notch, and there are expensive Bentleys or Jaguars parked nearby. Glistening boats up to 35 metres in length are moored here. The Boat Club has up to 470 berths, and not just yacht owners and their crews enjoy dining at the clubhouse due to its outstanding cuisine. The fishing port, which still has roughly 220 spaces for vessels up to 15 metres in length, is located right across from the marina. Owners of smaller boats and those who cannot afford the high dues at the yacht club should definitely consider this alternative.

Numerous fine dining establishments, many of which are situated on the seaside, can be found at Port d'Andratx, as it is known to the locals. It's fun to sit outside and see the activity of daily nautical life while reading the latest news in trendy cafés that serve as gathering spots for both locals and the visiting yachting community. It's a dream come true for fans of this port to have an island base here in town, since town houses and flats for sale here in the centre of Puerto Andratx are highly sought-after and popular! Aside from the upscale eateries, the port appears to have a little bit of everything: chic boutiques with the newest designer clothing, jewellers, and unique gift shops are all to be found there.

In addition to the upscale eateries, the port seems to have a little bit of everything: chic boutiques with the newest designer clothing, jewellery stores, and unique gift shops can all be found in the quaint side streets; shopping in Port d'Andratx is a genuine treat!

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