Purchasing a property in Mallorca? 10 reasons you should hire a lawyer

24th February 2023
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1: Bilingual

The procedure of purchasing a property in Mallorca could seem daunting if you are unable to speak Spanish and translate important documentation on your own. The buying laws in Spain differ to those of the United Kingdom, Germany or any other country, therefore, it is crucial to hire a specialist in Spanish conveyancing legislation. The procedure will be made completely apparent by using a bilingual attorney. At Heritage Homes Mallorca we have worked with many lawyers on the island and Mercadal Abogados are one of the best we have come across for this. They are fluent in Spanish, English and German, but most importantly Mercadal Abogados communicates in a way that you’ll understand. 

2: Understand costs 

Finding a property lawyer skilled in Spanish law can save you both money and time as it is easy to underestimate charges (such taxes and fees, for example). At Mercadal Abogados they can explain in detail the charges associated with buying a property in Mallorca before your process has begun. 

3: Making a safe property purchase 

The purchase of particular properties may come with challenges and it's not uncommon to discover that the property you want has problems with land access, such as a public right of way. Mercadal Abogados checks every detail, from property registration documents to planning consents and the compliance with building regulations. Real estate law is their field of expertise, so when you’re outside your comfort zone, Mercadal Abogados is in theirs. 

4: Obtaining your NIE 

Every foreigner buying a property in Spain requires a NIE, which is a personal identification and tax number. Mercadal Abogados can make life much simpler for you and will take the stress away by applying quickly and efficiently on your behalf.

5: Safeguarding your purchase 

Sellers have been known to make changes to their properties before completion but after receiving an offer. For instance, taking out electrical fixtures, windows, or solar panels. A bound inventory might be incorporated into your contract by a lawyer to safeguard you against this scenario.

6: Correct representation 

Many clients think that the Spanish notary system offers adequate legal protection when buying a home. The notary, however, is a representative of the government, and it is not their responsibility to make sure the contract you have with your seller is in your best interests. Their only responsibility is to watch over completed transactions and signatures. Mercadal Abogados will represent you at the completion notary appointment and utilize their analytical skills to make sure you are receiving what is best for you.

7: Safe Holiday Rental 

If you are buying a property with the idea of renting out your property, you may need guidance on the legal permits required, the application process, and have your attorney draft a tenancy agreement to safeguard your interests. Mercadal Abogados will also change the ownership of that holiday rental license to the new owner, they will advise on every step of the transaction.

8: Guidance on planning persimmon

If you are keen to renovate or extend, Mercadal Abogados can source specialist advice from architects and surveyors to identify what building modifications would be possible and flag up any construction faults.

9: Taxation and Accounting 

Mercadal Abogados provides full personal and company tax support, whether you need clarification on complex cases (i.e. double taxation treaties) or an annual tax return filed.

10: Post-Sale support

When the purchase is complete, Mercadal Abogados offers a service in which they handle administrative changes. They will even update your ownership with the Land Registry, the Cadastral office, tax authorities and utility firms, their support goes from A to Z.

At Heritage Homes Mallorca we have worked with many great lawyers on the island and Mercadal Abogados are truly one of the best. You can visit the website and get in contact with the team at www.mercadalabogados.com

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