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27th September 2022
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Is Mallorca the place for me?

You may already know how unique the island of Mallorca is if you've been there on holiday. It provides a beautiful destination with its lovely temperatures and variety of bars and restaurants.

The largest of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca has more than 200 beaches and coves to discover. Along with the vibrant metropolis of Palma, Mallorca also has hidden mountain communities. Here, life is up to you.

What kind of real estate are you looking for?

Mallorca has a wide variety of properties due to its stunning landscape. An overview of the most common types is provided below:


Mallorca is home to a number of exquisite villas, both old and contemporary. Many have private pools, beautiful views, and roomy interiors. 


A finca is a rural residence, frequently found in rural Mallorca. They often boast a lot of outside space, including terraces, pools, gardens, and plenty of privacy. Additional guest houses and deluxe amenities might be found as well.

New builds

People may picture traditional stone-clad houses and fincas when they think about Mallorca. While this is true of many homes, the island also has exquisitely made, recently constructed treasures that feature modern designs. It's possible for architects to incorporate natural materials into the interiors or design buildings to take advantage of breathtaking views.


Traditional townhouses on Mallorca are typically seen in residential areas. Many have refurbished interiors that combine traditional and modern life while maintaining their exteriors.

Apartments and penthouses

Apartments in Mallorca come in many shapes and sizes, but they are typically found in larger cities or the capital, Palma. The island's apartments and penthouses have a lot to offer tenants, whether they are searching for views over a busy port or city centre living. 

Working with Heritage Homes Mallorca 

Buying a home abroad is much less intimidating when you work with local, trusted agents such as Heritage Homes Mallorca. Working with us means you can focus your search on the right areas, feel confident that you’re in good hands, and have access to the best properties. We know the local market and understand where to find the best properties for your needs.

Several things to consider before purchasing a home in Mallorca

Holiday Rentals

Mallorca's economy depends heavily on tourism, which makes it a desirable alternative for holiday rentals. To rent out a property to tourists, it must first be given a licence (known as an ETV). Only a select few properties qualify. So, why not choose a house that already has the licence if you have your heart set on providing vacation rentals?

Zoning and planning

In Mallorca, zoning regulations are stringent, which is important for rural residents. It is crucial to check whether the land is properly zoned for residential use before purchasing, developing, or renovating a rural property.

Residency and visas

When purchasing real estate in Spain, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to residency. What you must do will depend on your circumstances. There are other possibilities, though, so be sure to consult an authority and conduct thorough study first. You can possibly qualify for a unique authorization or visa.

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